5 Homemade Christmas gifts that don’t look handmade

5 Handmade Christmas gift ideas

We’re less than 2 weeks away from Christmas and the scramble for gifts and stocking stuffers is in full swing! I have a personal goal for always buying handmade or from independently owned businesses for at least 50% of gifts given. This year, I’m going a step further to augment this number by making some of the gifts myself.

One stereotype of handmade gifts is that they look like kitschy art class projects. That’s not always the case! Below are some homemade Christmas gift ideas that don’t look handmade. The final product of each can easily be mistaken for something store bought! If you’re still in a pinch for gifts, here are 5 of my favourite DIY projects which are perfect homemade Christmas gifts:

Dinosaur Succulent Planter by Maggie Overby Studios
The perfect gift for anyone who loves plants or is looking to be a new plant mom! I bought a giraffe-shaped succulent planter from a craft fair a few years ago, and there are a ton of them available on Etsy as well. In Maggie’s blog post, she shares how she got 50% off her dinosaur figures!

Clay Ring Dish by SAH-RAH
The toughest part of polymer clay projects is getting the finish right. This tutorial walks through using interesting materials for texture. It also shows how the right finishing polish can make polymer clay look like it has a ceramic finish!

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Supporting small businesses (& noteworthy Cyber Monday sales)

Cyber Monday sales and the importance of shopping small businesses

Small businesses have the always been near and dear to my heart. Through firsthand experiences volunteering for multiple small businesses throughout the years – and most recently for a shop here in Seattle – I got to see just how much every sale made an impact to the livelihood of the business. There’s a big impact to the local community whenever small businesses in the surrounding areas thrive; the community thrives, too, and it is so lovely to see!

While Black Friday sales this year from large retailers felt lackluster (nothing short on quantity of sales, but the quality of items for sale felt like they fell flat), Small Business Saturday supporters felt like they were out in full force, regardless of sales being touted.

Whether or not you’re doing holiday shopping for yourself, family, loved ones, etc, keep small businesses in mind! A little support can go a long way, especially during this time of year. Links and sale codes below!

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