Eco friendly workout clothes

sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly workout gear ft rumi x

I am super excited for today’s post which is in partnership with RUMI X, where I was offered the opportunity to try out their workout gear in exchange for an honest review of the pieces. After learning about the environmental impact of fast fashion and becoming pickier about the material makeup of pieces in my closet, eco friendly workout clothes were a big unkonwn. Having only ever owned pieces that were manufactured purely out of synthetic materials (lycra, polyester, nylon, spandex, etc), it didn’t seem like there were a lot of options for eco friendly or sustainably manufactured workout gear on the market.

Using a unique manufacturing process that spins yarn from recycled plastic bottles, each of the RUMI X pieces saves waste from ending up in landfills or oceans. For example, the tank top featured in this post was constructed using 16 plastic bottles! How cool is that? There is also a line of pieces made from Rumi X signature fabric that is constructed using recycled coffee grounds collected from coffee shops. The yarn spun from the coffee grounds has 50% better moisture-wicking properties compared to cotton. Neat to think that an everyday source of caffeine also has other properties!

In the outfit above, I’m wearing the Mirror Sports Bra, Light to Love leggings, and Kindle Tank Top. Shoes are the PureFlow 7s by Brooks.

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5 At-Home Workouts that Don’t Require a Gym Membership

5 At Home Workouts that don't Require a Gym Membership

Keeping up with New Year’s resolutions can be tough, especially any workout-related ones that require going outside in crummy Winter weather. In Seattle, it’s been chilly every morning with a mix of downpour and harsh winds. I haven’t been able to muster up courage to brave the winds for any outdoor running, but I have been keeping up with my workout goals. By clearing out a dedicated space at home to workout in, and finding a mixture of programs online to keep things interesting, here are the programs and apps that I’m using to keep up with my fitness goals:

100 Push Up Challenge (iOS app download, website tracker)
This is a program that I started in late 2017. The goal is to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. When I started, I could only do 6 or 8 in a single go. After a couple weeks of the program, I was able to get up to 18! It’s really impressive to think how fast my body was able to build up the endurance and strength. The app is great for tracking your weekly progress and timing for each rep. The website is also another great option if you’re looking to go at your own pace.

The 30 Day, 100 Squat Challenge (link to program)
Squats have always been one of my favourite exercises. I did the squats version of the 100 Push Up Challenge a few years ago while training for the Seattle to Portland bike ride and loved it! There’s a new variation of this workout that has 3 different types of squats (instead of a single, basic squat) that helps build up the ability to do 100 squats in a single rep in 30 days (including rest days).

7 Minute Workout (iOS app download)
The 7 Minute Workout is one of my all-time favourite workout apps! My usual excuse to get out of working out is that the sessions “take to long”. With this app, 7 minutes feels like nothing in a 24 hour day. With minimal equipment and setup, you can get through these sessions really quickly and feel like you’ve had a well rounded workout. The only downside of this program is that it does feel repetitive with the same set of exercises and reps to be completed each session. However, mixing the 7 Minute Workout with something like the Squat Challenge of Push Up Challenge brings easy variation.

3 Minute Arm Workout (Beginner and Intermediate options)
Similarly to the 7 Minute Workout, the 3 Minute Arm Workout is a small time commitment focused on toning the arms. I like to do these exercises when watching TV or listening to Podcasts. As someone who suffers from “bingo wings”, I’ve been loving these exercises. Each set is only 30 seconds and the workouts don’t require any extra equipment. I do have a light set of hand weights that I’ll sometimes add in for an extra challenge.

12-Pose Yoga Sequence (Pose instructions and flow sequence)
This sequence is such a lovely way to start the day! A simple, 12-pose flow to wake the body up and get energized for the day. Spending about 20 minutes to do this every other morning has been a great way to start off the day. Nothing compares to the calmness after clearing your mind and doing a short sequence to wake up the body!

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