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From 7 years of style-turned-lifestyle blogging, writing became an enjoyable way to unwind and, in a way, de-clutter my thoughts. My favourite pieces to write were ones that were more on the DIY or resourceful “teaching”-style posts that people could learn from. It seems that these were also the posts that resonated most with people who read my previous blog too (as a quick check on Pinterest pins garnering 200+ repins from my DIY posts).

With the newly launched space for steady catalog, I want to feel free to write about whatever I want whenever I want. Being more mindful of the content that I share without the pressures of writing regularly feels so freeing. I hope to use this space as a go-to resource; a place where people come to learn and discover new things, places, and/or process.

steady catalog topics:
Seattle Spotlight: Highlighting a mix of Seattle’s best creatives, businesses, and more. As someone who is a transplant to Seattle and now calls this lovely city home, there are so many hidden gems that deserve to be in the spotlight.

Simple Living: A collection of tips & tricks to making life’s chores feel less like a burden and to help free up time for things that we truly care about. Also sharing tips for how to better get the most out of your budget.

Style & Beauty: Reviewing and highlighting tried and true products in the fashion and beauty categories. The goal here is to take a step back from traditional trends and think more long term about slow living and how it applies to our wardrobe and makeup counter.

Recipes: As someone who has always been passionate about cooking and baking, I’m really looking forward to sharing recipes. My current focus IRL is on lunchbox prep and how to make food in bulk to help with budgeting and staying on track during busy work weeks.

Shop: A visual collection of current products being showcased on the blog. Instead of having to dig through pages of content, I’ll be curating products (and direct links to purchase them) on this part of the blog.

It’s quite the change of pace for someone who used to post up to 3 outfit posts a week, and I can’t tell you how truly excited I am to be writing about topics I’m so passionate about. It’s interesting how our lives and priorities shift as we continue to grow, and steady catalog is a true reflection of this growth for me.

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Hello world!

inspirational quote: finding your passions
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This blog was born out of self reflection after being a style blogger for 7+ years and being disenchanted by where my role as a (smaller) blogger in relationship to the industry seemed to be trending. Watching fashion blogs and style influencers make their mark has been incredible, but not without costs. By costs, I mean outside of the typical monetary costs of running a blog– think along the lines of the implications of fast fashion on the environment, self worth of time spent creating content and the (lack of) value placed on said creative content creation, the business of buying followers (hah, yes! This is a thing!) in order to get noticed by brands, etc. With the number of fashion bloggers exploding in the last decade, “free creative work” has become all too common of an expectation from some brands looking to collaborate.

Instead of giving into the competitive game of “who can buy the most followers without being caught” or trying to justify doing 8 hours of creative work in exchange for socks (re: this R29 article), this blog is taking a step back. This shouldn’t be the status quo. Bloggers shouldn’t have to constantly buy more things in order to seed new content. Bloggers shouldn’t be competing with one another for free socks just to prove collaboration abilities or to stay relevant as influencers.

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