Environmental impact of fast fashion and material alternatives

eco-friendly clothing materials: wool & silk

Disclaimer: The pieces featured in the photo above are made of 100% biodegradable materials: wool & silk. The wool cardigan was provided by Minelal, and the cami provided by Frances Austen, for photo styling. This opinion piece is in no way affiliated with either of these brands, but I specifically chose to partner with them because of their use of eco-conscious material selection for these pieces.

It’s been a while since the last post, and there’s a good reason why. After reading the November 2017 issue of Fast Company, which sheds light specifically on tech + culture, one article in particular piqued my interest. Stella McCartney’s take on fashion and advancements in material technology were fascinating, specifically the environmental impact of fast fashion.

Did you know that polyester, one of the softest, cheapest, and most-used fabrics in fast fashion, is an environmental pollutant that can take up to 200 years to degrade? Even washing this fabric sheds synthetic microfibers into the ocean!

Now with this info in mind, here’s more food for thought: the fashion industry produces over 150 billion pieces of clothing each year, with 80 billion pieces being consumed by humans annually. Fast fashion has taught us that it’s ok to not invest in clothing; to constantly consume new pieces by paying less out of our wallets, but in the long run, pay for this consumption through the environmental impacts of throwing away materials that are not only environmentally harmful to produce, but also harmful when discarded.

The table below really highlights the advantages and disadvantages of natural vs synthetic materials:

Source credit – 40+ Style: Properties of Polyester and Other Fabrics

With all of this said, there are some positive initiatives – even in the fast fashion space – that are doing good by advancing material technology through recycling and being more mindful of the environmental impacts of a clothing item’s full life cycle.

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Fall Beauty and Skincare Must-Haves Under $20

Fall's must-have beauty and skincare products under $20

Fall is all about enjoying the crisp, brisk air before the harsh Winter winds hit. With the shift from the Summer sun, my skin tends to dry out a lot faster, which means my beauty and skincare routine has to adapt to the seasonal changes too. Here are my top 5 items for the Fall, everything being under $20!

1. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Face Masks ($4.80/mask): These sheet face masks are packed with nutrients from egg extracts, coconut water, and other botanical extracts to best hydrate the skin. Perfect for the Fall when your face may feel like it’s getting dried out from the harsh winds. I usually have these sheet masks in my beauty stash year-round because they’re perfect for rehydrating the face after long flights.

2. Rosehip seed oil ($12): Instead of the traditional night cream, I’ve switched to using rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed oil is known for its ability to nourish and rehydrate dry skin. The only downside is that the oil is naturally a yellow tint, so be careful if you have white sheets and are planning to apply before bed. I may or may not have learned this the hard way… 🙁

3. Dry skin body brush ($10): This brush is FABULOUS for dry flaky skin. No matter how much body butter or oil I try to use in the cold weather, my skin still flakes (mainly on the elbows and knees). This brush is perfect to help get dry skin flakes off. A quick pass with the brush before hopping in the shower and moisturizing goes a long way!

4. Yes to Tomatoes charcoal face wipes ($5/pack): The “Yes to ____” skincare line is incredible. All of their products are made from at least 95% natural ingredients. This set of face wipes is at the top of my favourites list because of the texture of the wipes, ability to keep my skin clear, all while being gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. If you buy these from Target or Ulta, they’re $5.99 per pack, but I’ve linked the 3 pack from Amazon which works out to being $5 per pack.

5. Fig & Yarrow Nutrient Booster Serum ($20): Even though this serum is the priciest product of the list, it’s one of the best investments! I usually apply this in the mornings after washing my face and heading out for the day. The formula is not greasy and leaves my skin feeling really calm. The product claims to prevent moisture loss and give a radiant glow. I don’t know if I’d say I feel like I’m glowing after putting this one, but it definitely locks in the moisture to the point where I don’t need to reapply moisturizer until the end of the day.

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Minimalist sneakers for all day wear

Minimalist everyday shoes: SUAVS barton slip-on shoes

I was first introduced to minimalist sneakers last year when SUAVS, a Texas-based shoe company, first launched in 2016 and made a visit to Seattle to promote the line. Unfortunately, I missed this event but still managed to catch up with the designer behind the shoes. The idea of an all day wear shoe was so fascinating to me, especially as someone who owns at least 3 pairs of shoes in each category of boots, running shoes, flats, block heels, etc. An everyday shoe became a concept in my day-to-day life when I started to travel for work and had limited space (carry on only) to bring additional pairs of shoes. Below are the first pair of slip-on SUAVS shoes that I ever owned.

The slip-on SUAVS that I’m wearing in the photo above are the Barton Slip On. I wore these knit sneakers everywhere: to and from the airport, at work, to the gym, sometimes at the gym, riding my bike, running on concrete floors, etc. These truly became my go-to shoes for the 6 months that I owned them. I was so sad when I had to put them down after my bike had snagged the knit and tore a hole on the side of the shoe where the knit meets the sole. To be fair, I continued to wear them for another month after this hole formed because I loved them so much! These shoes are so comfortable and the materials are very breathable (to the point where no socks are required)!

SUAVS Zilker lace up minimalist sneakers

Fast forward to 2017 and I could not have been more excited to learn that SUAVS launched a pair of minimalist lace-up sneakers based off of their popular Barton slip on design. The Zilker lace-up pair boasts the minimalist design of the original Barton’s and comes with a handful of new features.

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