Everyday backpack essentials

If there’s one thing about myself that I know to be true, it’s the fact that my need to be hyper-prepared for any situation is often what gives me an excuse to avoid working out. At the beginning of the Summer, I cataloged all of my workout gear, looked at my towel collection, and started to build the bare essentials that I could carry in a backpack on a daily basis (within reason) to encourage spontaneous workouts. For me, the essentials are:

1. water bottle
2. running shoes
3. towel

It’s important for me to feel prepared so that I don’t get in my own head and make up excuses for why I can’t work out. I’m not even talking about intense workouts, either. Being able to drop in to a yoga class or sneak or quick jog on the way into the office helps my body to feel refreshed. Why not reduce the hurdle of preparedness and make it possible to take better care of myself physically more often?

The water bottle was a no-brainer. Having a collection of a dozen or so free water bottles that I’ve collected as swag over the years means being able to stash one away in my backpack easily.


The running shoes are a different story. I’ve personally been a huge fan of Brooks (mainly because their HQ is in Seattle) and really love how they’re advancing with material technology. Every product in the Brooks catalog will break down information about materials and the tech behind them, which is truly fascinating for someone who likes to see how the tech and fashion worlds collide. The Revel Running shoes by Brooks are what I like to carry with me in my backpack. Sometimes they also double as my day-shoes (if I can choose to be a little more dressed-down) and are the perfect athleisure shoe.

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