Supporting small businesses (& noteworthy Cyber Monday sales)

Cyber Monday sales and the importance of shopping small businesses

Small businesses have the always been near and dear to my heart. Through firsthand experiences volunteering for multiple small businesses throughout the years – and most recently for a shop here in Seattle – I got to see just how much every sale made an impact to the livelihood of the business. There’s a big impact to the local community whenever small businesses in the surrounding areas thrive; the community thrives, too, and it is so lovely to see!

While Black Friday sales this year from large retailers felt lackluster (nothing short on quantity of sales, but the quality of items for sale felt like they fell flat), Small Business Saturday supporters felt like they were out in full force, regardless of sales being touted.

Whether or not you’re doing holiday shopping for yourself, family, loved ones, etc, keep small businesses in mind! A little support can go a long way, especially during this time of year. Links and sale codes below!

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Ollie Quinn: More than just a glasses store

Ollie Quinn glasses Seattle

Two things were obvious on the first night of seeing the storefront and meeting the team. Not only does Ollie Quinn strive for fashionable, quality eye wear that is accessible, but it also strives to be a good community member as a business.

Ollie Quinn is one of the newest shops to open in Cap Hill on the bustling corner of Pike and Broadway. I was lucky enough to be invited to the OQ grand opening party about two months ago and fell in love with this shop for more than just its aesthetic. One thing that I really admire about Ollie Quinn as a company is how quickly it introduced itself and partnered with neighbouring businesses for its launch party. Partnering alongside Molly Moon’s ice cream, Juniper Nail Bar, and Oddfellows Cafe, Ollie Quinn coordinated a fun night of introductions to their team – who also traveled across coasts and even internationally – to be great hosts!

Ollie Quinn glasses review - Seattle

“Ollie Quinn is a ‘glocal’ brand in that we think globally and act locally. We do have an international presence and we’re growing into new regions, but it’s really important for us to maintain close ties within our local communities and grow with them. Staying connected with creatives who live and work near our boutiques, and collaborating with neighbouring brands who share our values is integral to who we are.”

– Michael Andersen, CEO, Ollie Quinn North America

Since joining the Cap Hill neighbourhood, Ollie Quinn has already made quite the splash with the local community. After being approached by a local community member about needing a space for a Hurricane Harvey fundraising event, Ollie Quinn graciously opened its doors to host. Not only did this bring the community together, but it also raised awareness for this global event. OQ also opened its doors to participate as a stop as part of the iconic Seattle Art Walk at the end of the Summer.

Ollie Quinn Seattle glasses review

Coming up later this month, OQ will be participating in the Cap Hill Lit Crawl on October 19 from 6-6:45pm. If you’re not able to make the Lit Crawl and think this space is a cute one to work from, here’s when OQ gets more awesome!

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Molly Moon’s Taste of Fall 2017 (sneak peek!)

Last night was an epic evening hosted by Seattle’s most iconic ice cream company, Molly Moon’s. I remember when I first moved to Seattle almost 7 years ago and tried Molly Moon’s ice cream. It was creamy, rich in flavour, and served by some of the friendliest staff I had ever encountered. Fast forward to years later and I still love this company but for so much more than just the ice cream. They are truly a standout brand who helps to build and foster community. Molly Moon’s partners with local farmers to support community businesses, provides great career opportunities for its employees, and has raised over $135,000 to provide local, organic milk to Seattle families and individuals (read more about the Anna Banana Milk Fund). I’m excited to put the spotlight on such an incredible company in the city and to share a fun night of ice cream tasting!

The sneak peek of seasonal flavours tastings was held at Molly Moon’s ice cream’s Cap Hill HQ, MM Studios. In addition to press and media, an exclusive 50 tickets were available to the public for entry to the event. The agenda for the evening was simple: taste all 10 seasonal ice cream flavours, meet the humble and strong leader of this incredible ice cream company, Molly Moon (yes! That’s her real name), chat with the local farmers whose fresh produce shine in the seasonal flavours, and hang out with people who also love ice cream!

Molly Moon's Taste of Fall: Fall ice cream preview

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