Laundry hacks for keeping your wardrobe in tip-top shape

laundry hacks for keeping your wardrobe in tip-top shape

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find out how excited you were about last week’s post on the environmental impact of fast fashion! This blog has been such a delight to research and write for because I feel like I get to learn something new almost every post and share these learnings in a meaningful way. Speaking of which, today’s post is along a similar topic from last week’s. Now that we’re on the same page about environmentally-sustainable and friendly fabrics, it’s important to take the next step in caring for the clothing made out of these materials.

Specifically for colder seasons, I like to wear a lot of knits. Wool and wool blend sweaters (usually mixed with acrylic) are my go-tos. With wool being prone to piling and stretching out after multiple washes, here are a few laundry hacks for keeping your wardrobe in tip-top shape!

1. Always wash your knits on warm/cold cycle
Warm water is great for 100% natural fibers as well as natural and mixed fiber pieces. Unlike hot water, warm water wash cycles reduce colour transfer and wrinkles, which is perfect for knitted pieces. While you could technically also use warm water in a rinse cycle, there’s not particular extra benefit to your garments for rinsing on warm vs cold water, so why not save some energy (and $$) and rinse on cold.

2. Mesh laundry bags are your best friend
Mesh laundry bags are the bee’s knees! One thing I noticed that consistently happened to my knitted tops and sweaters (especially the chunky knit ones) after a spin cycle is the body and/or sleeves being stretched out. Depending on the quality of the knit, my shirts would also come out of the washing machine with twisted seams. Ugh. Nothing is worse than twisted seams. One way I’ve been able to keep the shape of tops and sweaters and reduce the amount of twisted seams is by placing each sweater or top into a zippered mesh laundry bag. This laundry hack is my favourite because it basically keeps your garment in a contained space. No flailing sleeves to get caught onto other miscellaneous sleeves or pant legs while on the spin cycle! The best part is, these laundry bags are cheap and last a long time. I’ve had my current set for almost 7 years and have yet to replace any of them.

Laundry hacks: Use a lint remover on pilling sweaters

3. Give your sweaters a whole new lease on life with a lint remover
You know when your favourite sweater starts pilling because you wear it too much and then you end up wearing it less often because it looks “shaggy”? A lint remover is all you need to give your clothes a new lease on life! It’s so satisfying to see all of the pilled lint collected once the lint remover has worked its magic. The best part is how easy it is to use– I usually do this while watching my favourite TV show or having a slow afternoon with some music playing in the background. Nothing more therapeutic and satisfying than watching all the little lint balls get shaved off and your sweater coming back looking brand new by the end of the session.

How to make your clothing last longer

Hope these laundry hacks help to keep your Winter wardrobe going stronger for longer!

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    1. Oh my goodness– so sorry for the late response, Melissa! Didn’t see this comment in my inbox until just now.

      This is the lint remover from Daiso! It’s not the best but it’ll do. It gets clogged pretty easily (especially with the chunkier knits).

      I’ve only tried a sweater comb twice and went back to the lint remover. Although the combs are great for finer knits like cashmere, majority of my closet consist of chunkier knits which I find the lint remover better for. My personal experience is that the sweater combs dragged/pulled on the chunkier knit’s pilling, which is why I switched back.

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