Halloween treats: Chocolate zombie cookies

Halloween zombie cookies DIY - easy homemade treats for Halloween parties

With Halloween just around the corner (aka tomorrow), here’s a quick DIY for sweet treats to bring in to the office! Truth be told, I had originally hoped to have a tutorial for dipped cookie pops. As a true Pinterest Fail would have it, I ended up with a hot mess in the kitchen and had to quickly try to recover with a Plan B. So here we are with candy-covered zombie cookies!

For these cookies, you’ll need the following ingredients:
– Pack of Oreos (or other cookie of your choice)
– One 12oz pack of candy melts
– One pack of small candy eye sprinkles
– One tube of brown chocolate jimmies (sprinkles)

Steps for how to make zombie cookies:
1. Following the instructions on the packet of candy melts, heat the candy. You want this to be a drizzle/spreadable consistency.

Halloween dipped cookies - Zombie cookies DIY

2. Using a spatula, evenly spread a thin layer of the melted candy onto one size of the cookie shell.

3. Before the melted candy cools (and hardens), take a pink of the chocolate jimmies and decorate the “hair” of the zombie.

4. Using a long piece of jimmies sprinkle, carefully place this as the “mouth” of the zombie.

5. Add a pair of candy eye sprinkles to complete the face.


… TA DA! Super easy – and very cute – Halloween treats! I love being able to use the irregular shapes of the sprinkles to the advantage of these faces because the curves (or lack thereof) make for either sad or indecisive looking zombies. Too cute!

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