Halloween treats: Chocolate zombie cookies

Halloween zombie cookies DIY - easy homemade treats for Halloween parties

With Halloween just around the corner (aka tomorrow), here’s a quick DIY for sweet treats to bring in to the office! Truth be told, I had originally hoped to have a tutorial for dipped cookie pops. As a true Pinterest Fail would have it, I ended up with a hot mess in the kitchen and had to quickly try to recover with a Plan B. So here we are with candy-covered zombie cookies!

For these cookies, you’ll need the following ingredients:
– Pack of Oreos (or other cookie of your choice)
– One 12oz pack of candy melts
– One pack of small candy eye sprinkles
– One tube of brown chocolate jimmies (sprinkles)

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Fall Beauty and Skincare Must-Haves Under $20

Fall's must-have beauty and skincare products under $20

Fall is all about enjoying the crisp, brisk air before the harsh Winter winds hit. With the shift from the Summer sun, my skin tends to dry out a lot faster, which means my beauty and skincare routine has to adapt to the seasonal changes too. Here are my top 5 items for the Fall, everything being under $20!

1. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Face Masks ($4.80/mask): These sheet face masks are packed with nutrients from egg extracts, coconut water, and other botanical extracts to best hydrate the skin. Perfect for the Fall when your face may feel like it’s getting dried out from the harsh winds. I usually have these sheet masks in my beauty stash year-round because they’re perfect for rehydrating the face after long flights.

2. Rosehip seed oil ($12): Instead of the traditional night cream, I’ve switched to using rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed oil is known for its ability to nourish and rehydrate dry skin. The only downside is that the oil is naturally a yellow tint, so be careful if you have white sheets and are planning to apply before bed. I may or may not have learned this the hard way… 🙁

3. Dry skin body brush ($10): This brush is FABULOUS for dry flaky skin. No matter how much body butter or oil I try to use in the cold weather, my skin still flakes (mainly on the elbows and knees). This brush is perfect to help get dry skin flakes off. A quick pass with the brush before hopping in the shower and moisturizing goes a long way!

4. Yes to Tomatoes charcoal face wipes ($5/pack): The “Yes to ____” skincare line is incredible. All of their products are made from at least 95% natural ingredients. This set of face wipes is at the top of my favourites list because of the texture of the wipes, ability to keep my skin clear, all while being gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. If you buy these from Target or Ulta, they’re $5.99 per pack, but I’ve linked the 3 pack from Amazon which works out to being $5 per pack.

5. Fig & Yarrow Nutrient Booster Serum ($20): Even though this serum is the priciest product of the list, it’s one of the best investments! I usually apply this in the mornings after washing my face and heading out for the day. The formula is not greasy and leaves my skin feeling really calm. The product claims to prevent moisture loss and give a radiant glow. I don’t know if I’d say I feel like I’m glowing after putting this one, but it definitely locks in the moisture to the point where I don’t need to reapply moisturizer until the end of the day.

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Ollie Quinn: More than just a glasses store

Ollie Quinn glasses Seattle

Two things were obvious on the first night of seeing the storefront and meeting the team. Not only does Ollie Quinn strive for fashionable, quality eye wear that is accessible, but it also strives to be a good community member as a business.

Ollie Quinn is one of the newest shops to open in Cap Hill on the bustling corner of Pike and Broadway. I was lucky enough to be invited to the OQ grand opening party about two months ago and fell in love with this shop for more than just its aesthetic. One thing that I really admire about Ollie Quinn as a company is how quickly it introduced itself and partnered with neighbouring businesses for its launch party. Partnering alongside Molly Moon’s ice cream, Juniper Nail Bar, and Oddfellows Cafe, Ollie Quinn coordinated a fun night of introductions to their team – who also traveled across coasts and even internationally – to be great hosts!

Ollie Quinn glasses review - Seattle

“Ollie Quinn is a ‘glocal’ brand in that we think globally and act locally. We do have an international presence and we’re growing into new regions, but it’s really important for us to maintain close ties within our local communities and grow with them. Staying connected with creatives who live and work near our boutiques, and collaborating with neighbouring brands who share our values is integral to who we are.”

– Michael Andersen, CEO, Ollie Quinn North America

Since joining the Cap Hill neighbourhood, Ollie Quinn has already made quite the splash with the local community. After being approached by a local community member about needing a space for a Hurricane Harvey fundraising event, Ollie Quinn graciously opened its doors to host. Not only did this bring the community together, but it also raised awareness for this global event. OQ also opened its doors to participate as a stop as part of the iconic Seattle Art Walk at the end of the Summer.

Ollie Quinn Seattle glasses review

Coming up later this month, OQ will be participating in the Cap Hill Lit Crawl on October 19 from 6-6:45pm. If you’re not able to make the Lit Crawl and think this space is a cute one to work from, here’s when OQ gets more awesome!

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