Molly Moon’s Taste of Fall 2017 (sneak peek!)

Last night was an epic evening hosted by Seattle’s most iconic ice cream company, Molly Moon’s. I remember when I first moved to Seattle almost 7 years ago and tried Molly Moon’s ice cream. It was creamy, rich in flavour, and served by some of the friendliest staff I had ever encountered. Fast forward to years later and I still love this company but for so much more than just the ice cream. They are truly a standout brand who helps to build and foster community. Molly Moon’s partners with local farmers to support community businesses, provides great career opportunities for its employees, and has raised over $135,000 to provide local, organic milk to Seattle families and individuals (read more about the Anna Banana Milk Fund). I’m excited to put the spotlight on such an incredible company in the city and to share a fun night of ice cream tasting!

The sneak peek of seasonal flavours tastings was held at Molly Moon’s ice cream’s Cap Hill HQ, MM Studios. In addition to press and media, an exclusive 50 tickets were available to the public for entry to the event. The agenda for the evening was simple: taste all 10 seasonal ice cream flavours, meet the humble and strong leader of this incredible ice cream company, Molly Moon (yes! That’s her real name), chat with the local farmers whose fresh produce shine in the seasonal flavours, and hang out with people who also love ice cream!

Molly Moon's Taste of Fall: Fall ice cream preview

Fall Seasonal flavors:
spiced honeycrisp RGB sorbet
pumpkin clove
chocolate tahini swirl
vegan horchata
concord grape sorbet
dutch apple pie
peppermint mocha
blackberry creme fraiche
vegan salted caramel

Molly Moon's ice cream: seasonal Fall flavors sneak preview
Molly Moon's ice cream: MM Studios
Molly Moon's ice cream: A Taste of Fall (seasonal flavors sneak peek)
Molly Moon's ice cream: MM Studios

It was truly a spectacular, ice cream-filled, evening of fun! A huge thank you to the Molly Moon’s ice cream team who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this event happen!Can’t wait for all the new flavours to launch!!

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    1. Thanks for following along on Stories! It was such a fun time. The spice honeycrisp RGB sorbet is now out in shops… I’m debating going in tonight for some! Cannot wait for the peppermint mocha to come out soon too 😀

  1. I actually think Molly Moon’s fall and winter flavors are their best (the cold can’t stop me from eating ice cream!!)…can’t wait to try them out! I’m eyeing the horchata.

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