Chia seed drink recipe

Chia seed drink recipe - easy to make at home recipe

Earlier this year, around springtime, chia seed drinks became a regular item on my weekly grocery list. I really enjoy the texture of chia seed gel in beverages (it’s a bit like evenly distributed mini tapioca in bubble tea, but with less chewing) or with yogurt, and started to become mildly obsessed with the bottled beverages in the drink aisle. Alas, this habit became less and less wallet friendly as my love for chia seed drinks grew.

Here’s a quick way to avoid spending $3 per beverage and to make the chia seed drinks at home instead!

Ingredients (makes 2):
– Juice of choice
– 4 tbsp chia seeds (bulk-sized jugs available for under $13)
– 2 cups of water

Step 1: Soak the chia seeds

Soaking the chia seeds is what causes the chia seeds to form the outer “gel” layer. In a sealed contained (I used a mason jar), soak 4 tbsp of chia seeds in 2 cups of water. Stir the chia seeds in the water (to avoid clumping) and place the container in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

how to soak chia seeds

Step 2: Distribute the chia seed gel into two containers

Once the chia seeds have absorbed all the water, you’ll notice the formation of the chia seed gel. The greater the ratio of the chia seed gel to juice, the “thicker” the drink is. I’m personally a fan of lots of chia seeds, so I split the amount of chia seed gel created from the previous step into two 16oz mason jars.


Step 3: Fill the remaining space with juice

A reduced sugar version of a berry blend punch is my current go-to juice to make these chia seed drinks with, but the juice choice is totally up to you! Once the juice is in the jar, put the lid on and shake well to evenly distribute the chia seed gel.

easy chia seed drink recipe

Aaaand you’re done! I love preparing these chia seed drinks on Sunday nights and being able to enjoy one with breakfast in the morning. They’re so easy to make and come in waaaaay under the grocery store sticker price of $3 when you make them at home. Let me know if you try this chia seed drink recipe out and what juice flavour you select!

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