Minimalist sneakers for all day wear

Minimalist everyday shoes: SUAVS barton slip-on shoes

I was first introduced to minimalist sneakers last year when SUAVS, a Texas-based shoe company, first launched in 2016 and made a visit to Seattle to promote the line. Unfortunately, I missed this event but still managed to catch up with the designer behind the shoes. The idea of an all day wear shoe was so fascinating to me, especially as someone who owns at least 3 pairs of shoes in each category of boots, running shoes, flats, block heels, etc. An everyday shoe became a concept in my day-to-day life when I started to travel for work and had limited space (carry on only) to bring additional pairs of shoes. Below are the first pair of slip-on SUAVS shoes that I ever owned.

The slip-on SUAVS that I’m wearing in the photo above are the Barton Slip On. I wore these knit sneakers everywhere: to and from the airport, at work, to the gym, sometimes at the gym, riding my bike, running on concrete floors, etc. These truly became my go-to shoes for the 6 months that I owned them. I was so sad when I had to put them down after my bike had snagged the knit and tore a hole on the side of the shoe where the knit meets the sole. To be fair, I continued to wear them for another month after this hole formed because I loved them so much! These shoes are so comfortable and the materials are very breathable (to the point where no socks are required)!

SUAVS Zilker lace up minimalist sneakers

Fast forward to 2017 and I could not have been more excited to learn that SUAVS launched a pair of minimalist lace-up sneakers based off of their popular Barton slip on design. The Zilker lace-up pair boasts the minimalist design of the original Barton’s and comes with a handful of new features.

I always love companies who aren’t afraid to continue to iterate on their products and push the limits with design. The Zilker minimalist lace-up sneakers boasts removable and washable insoles! To me, this feature is so clutch. As someone who plans to wear these everyday for the rest of Seattle’s non-rainy days (no more bike rides because I’m afraid to ruin these beautifully comfortable sneakers), being able to wash the insoles is incredible. The microfiber terry from the original design makes these shoes easy to wear without socks (thank goodness… I still hate wearing socks on sunny days) and provide the same moisture absorption as the original slip-ons.

knit minimalist sneakers

If you’re in the market for a pair of new everyday sneakers or all day wear shoes that are great for travel and then some, I’d highly recommend checking SUAVS out! Having worked with SAUVS in the past, they’ve graciously offered a 10% discount on any pairs of Zilker with code: SteadyCatalog10

Let me know if you end up trying a pair! I’m debating buffing up my stockpile of these comfy shoes and adding a pair of their Zilker Knit lace-up design to my collection.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a second pair of minimalist sneakers, and these look perfect! But my feet are super narrow and hard to fit, so I’m always nervous about ordering shoes online…

    1. Ah that’s always a tough one with buying shoes online. I’m between sizes, so I sized up on the SUAVS (usually either an 8.5 or 9 and I went with 9) and they fit really well. I’d say the laces would help a lot more with the narrow fit vs the slip on pair. Their customer service was really helpful in helping with sizing, so would recommend going that route, if you’re interested!

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