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This blog was born out of self reflection after being a style blogger for 7+ years and being disenchanted by where my role as a (smaller) blogger in relationship to the industry seemed to be trending. Watching fashion blogs and style influencers make their mark has been incredible, but not without costs. By costs, I mean outside of the typical monetary costs of running a blog– think along the lines of the implications of fast fashion on the environment, self worth of time spent creating content and the (lack of) value placed on said creative content creation, the business of buying followers (hah, yes! This is a thing!) in order to get noticed by brands, etc. With the number of fashion bloggers exploding in the last decade, “free creative work” has become all too common of an expectation from some brands looking to collaborate.

Instead of giving into the competitive game of “who can buy the most followers without being caught” or trying to justify doing 8 hours of creative work in exchange for socks (re: this R29 article), this blog is taking a step back. This shouldn’t be the status quo. Bloggers shouldn’t have to constantly buy more things in order to seed new content. Bloggers shouldn’t be competing with one another for free socks just to prove collaboration abilities or to stay relevant as influencers.

Granted, this isn’t to say that all style bloggers are one in the same. Many understand the true value of engagement (spoiler alert: it’s not just all about the number of followers!), value of their creative content (this article really sheds light on how much work blogging truly entails), and effects of fast fashion consumerism. There seems to be a shift with conscious consumers who stand behind well-made products, brand mission statements, and slow/intentional living, that are starting to gain traction and it’s amazing!

As my personal aesthetic started to plateau, I became less enthused as a style blogger. I started to feel like I didn’t have much to contribute in terms of style inspiration, tbh. Instead, I became more aware of what was in my closet, how I was spending my money on new things (both inside and outside of my wardrobe), and the importance of quality products and life experiences. I started to fall in love with brands– no longer was this only for product aesthetic reasons but because of the missions they stood for.

For all the reasons above (and many more that I will spare you the details of dragging on about), this blog is a new start that reflects my current passions. Although the name and concept was born primarily out of my gripes with fast fashion, it truly represents the lifestyle and content I hope to focus on: the tried and true.

My goal is to be a resource for products, projects, and experiences in life that we can rely on and keep coming back to– the steady things and experiences in life we know we can count on, if you will.

Hi, I’m Katrina and I’m excited to write again!

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