My first pair of “Baby Progressive” glasses

My first pair of anti-fatigue lenses, aka baby progressive glasses

Disclosure: I joined the Ollie Quinn affiliate program last month. I received these glasses in exchange for a blog post. The experience described below and the honest opinions expressed are 100% my own. I am lucky to get to work with such incredible local companies and cannot thank you all for continuing to support us in this journey together.

It was a sign from the universe that I was overdue for a trip to the optometrist after my previous pair of beloved glasses were accidentally stepped on. I last had my prescription updated in 2016. My vision felt fine, although I noticed that my left eye seemed much weaker than my right whenever I wasn’t wearing glasses. After years of a plateaued prescription, I was shocked to see how much it had changed in the span of just two years.

Long story short: my optometrist wrote my 2 prescriptions this year. One prescription is for everyday wear and the other specifically for “computer glasses”. The difference in these prescriptions were within +0.5 to +0.75 in each eye.

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When I took my prescription to Ollie Quinn, my favourite store associate, Briar, walked me through my lens options. He gave me the option of buying two separate pairs of glasses for each function, or to combine into a single pair. The decision boiled down to whether or not I wanted to have multiple pairs of glasses for daily use. Since the difference in prescriptions was so minor, Briar recommended trying out anti-fatigue lenses, aka Baby Progressive glasses.

What are “Baby Progressive” glasses?

I had never heard of these before talking to Briar at Ollie Quinn. If you’ve seen bifocals before (yes, the lenses with the extra magnification at the bottom) these are similar. Instead of looking like two separate lenses, “baby progressives” or anti-fatigue lenses are a single lens. The prescription power is bumped up slightly in the bottom half. Since the prescription bump is so minor, a single piece of glass can be used to create the lens. It’s almost like having secret bifocals with all the functionality and none of the dorkiness! 😉

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Eco friendly workout clothes

sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly workout gear ft rumi x

I am super excited for today’s post which is in partnership with RUMI X, where I was offered the opportunity to try out their workout gear in exchange for an honest review of the pieces. After learning about the environmental impact of fast fashion and becoming pickier about the material makeup of pieces in my closet, eco friendly workout clothes were a big unkonwn. Having only ever owned pieces that were manufactured purely out of synthetic materials (lycra, polyester, nylon, spandex, etc), it didn’t seem like there were a lot of options for eco friendly or sustainably manufactured workout gear on the market.

Using a unique manufacturing process that spins yarn from recycled plastic bottles, each of the RUMI X pieces saves waste from ending up in landfills or oceans. For example, the tank top featured in this post was constructed using 16 plastic bottles! How cool is that? There is also a line of pieces made from Rumi X signature fabric that is constructed using recycled coffee grounds collected from coffee shops. The yarn spun from the coffee grounds has 50% better moisture-wicking properties compared to cotton. Neat to think that an everyday source of caffeine also has other properties!

In the outfit above, I’m wearing the Mirror Sports Bra, Light to Love leggings, and Kindle Tank Top. Shoes are the PureFlow 7s by Brooks.

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Seattle Spotlight: Clara Kim of Euni & Co.

Steady Catalog Seattle Spotlight: Seattle calligrapher Clara Kim of Euni + Co.

I am so excited for today’s post because this is the first Seattle Spotlight feature of 2018 and I’m showcasing the beautiful work of a longtime IG friend, Clara Kim, of Euni + Co! I first met Clara in 2015 at a thoughtfully curated holiday market where she was running a calligraphy workshop. Since then, she’s turned her creative take on modern hand lettering from a side hustle to her full time gig creating beautiful paper goods. Hope you get a chance to check out Clara’s work and insights on her creative business.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with calligraphy?
[CK] I was a gifted a calligraphy kit in June 2015 and that was my first time ever picking up a pointed pen. I had just gotten home from Philadelphia after finishing up my grad program, and told myself I wasn’t going to start job searching until August, so I basically spent the next three months just completely immersed in calligraphy. The market wasn’t as saturated then as it is now and there weren’t any workshops in the area that I could find – so I looked at photos, videos, and taught myself. As I started seeing improvement in my writing, I began reading up on articles about different nibs, inks, papers, and continued growing from there.

Seattle Spotlight: Clara Kim of Euni + Co. calligrapher and paper goods

We first met at a holiday market where you were running a beautiful calligraphy workshop. What was the deciding factor that made you want to switch gears from Eunligraphy to Euni + Co.?
[CK] Yes! I totally have a photo from that day with you in the background – that was my first time ever teaching a calligraphy workshop! Eunligraphy started on a complete whim – Cherie (owner of @shopmiroja) reached out to me after seeing my work on Instagram and invited me to one of her events. A couple months later, she asked me if I wanted to host a calligraphy workshop in her space, and asked me if I had a logo and a website. I definitely didn’t have either of those things, so I told her I’d make them (who knows what I thinking back then?). I bought myself a domain, created a website, and brainstormed my name to be Eunligraphy (Eun– coming from my Korean name, and –ligraphy coming from ‘calligraphy’) on a random night with friends.

My shift to Euni + Co. happened when I realized I wanted a lot more from my “business” than just calligraphy. And as pretty as calligraphy is, I’m more of a type-font person, and knew that my Eunligraphy logo wasn’t a good representation of who I was and where I wanted the direction of my brand to go. It looked nice, it was written well, but it definitely wasn’t me. Once I made the ultimate decision to shift gears from just doing calligraphy to creating stationery, I felt that it was time to make the change. ‘Euni’ is how one of my closest friends used to write out my Korean name “Eun Hee” (which means to shine with grace). I love the meaning behind my name and wanted to keep the business name simple, so I re-branded to Euni + Co.

That is so fascinating to hear how quickly the business came together after the calligraphy workshop! As a modern day business woman wearing many different hats (creative lead, creator, social media manager, product stylist, etc), what is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome it?
[CK] The biggest challenge… it’s so hard to choose because everyday is a struggle. I imagine it getting easier and more manageable in the future, but I think when you’re just starting out and trying to figure out all of the little pieces, just sitting down and thinking about the direction of your business is a struggle in itself. There’s a lot of things I could say about the financial, logistical, or design struggles, but I think the most difficult thing is finding balance.

When I worked an 8-5 job, I did what I needed to do at work and I came home and found time to do my house chores, cook dinner, find time to create things, etc. But now that I’m at home all the time, it’s difficult to spend the whole 8-5 doing “work” when I can see dishes in the sink, laundry that could be done, etc. I’ll end up doing a little bit of everything throughout the day and end up working through the night, but going to bed as if I haven’t really done anything at all – and that feeling is not a good one.

Clara Kim of Euni + Co. Seattle calligrapher and paper goods shop

It’s weird because I’ve never been the type to need affirmation while working, but I think working solo full-time has changed me. Ever since I launched Euni + Co., I find myself needing more encouragement and support – and the process of recognizing this, admitting it, and figuring out how to move forward hasn’t been easy. My husband’s been really supportive and although he knows nothing about stationery, whenever I bring up any doubts, he’ll stop me and make sure I’m not going down the path of self-destruction.

I’ve learned that finding balance has more to do with my mental/emotional health than the workload itself. When I start the day right (with an agenda/plan, prayer, and coffee), I’m much more productive – and even when I am distracted (because I am constantly…constantly distracted), I try not to let it get to me. I’ve learned that sometimes, you have to embrace your distractions. When I make a plan for the week, I’ll breakdown all of my big projects into manageable pieces, and everyday, I’ll try to finish at least one piece, so that when I’m going to bed, I can visually see that I’ve completed something. I’ve started to be less harsh on myself and I’ve been giving myself room to fail and room to grow, and this has helped me design more freely, creating better work.

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